What is website design?


It’s simply creating a website and put it up on the web. Right? Not quite. Today, we have many tools at our disposal to create a good looking website is a relatively short amount of time. However, does having a passable website enough to showcase your brand? Would it perform well to boost your business or transmit the message you want? More importantly, will you stand out from the crowd of typical websites on the internet? If your answer to any of the questions above is not a firm “YES,” then you are in a disadvantage. Websites are devices; made to perform a specific task. The same way that engineers design a machine to carry out a job, websites must be designed to serve a particular purpose. Now let’s take a look at the “Kiwiative process” behind our design service.

Step 1: Research and Planning


We start by examining your business needs, brand, and your target market. Analyzing competition is another crucial factor to help us differentiate your brand from others. After gathering all the data, then we can devise a design process.

Step 2: Design and Implementation


The fun begins! We love to engage in a dynamic, disciplined design process to ensure creativity and functionality and user experience meet each other! We utilize many tools to achieve efficiency while maintaining high quality in our work.

Step 3: Delivery and Improvement


Now that the crafting process is over, we present the website to you and finalize the design. To ensure users have a pleasant experience with the new website, we also work on gathering feedback from your users to apply changes and tweaks to address their concern.

Don’t let your old website hold you back. If you want your business to appeal to a broader audience and stand out from the competition, your website should follow the current trends both in regards to design aesthetics and search engine optimization. Contact us and let us help you get a new and improved website!