Reputation Management

Online reputation is keep getting more important in our digital world. when people want to choose where to eat, where to shop, where to visit a doctor a large number of them use the internet to make a decision. Unfortunately businesses with bad to mediocre reviews most likely is going to get ignored and as a result they start losing customers.

To make sure these businesses get a chance to compete with their competitors who are paying great attention to their brand reputation, they need to seek help from companies who are offering this kind of services. Reputation management companies use wide range of strategies to make sure their client look great on the digital world.

Reputation Management Strategies

There are many online reputation management strategies that companies use, the first and most important one is to make sure company is using the right keywords, metadata, and headlines for search engines. This is important because you want to make sure your website information is up-to-date and you are giving the right information to your potential clients.  The second strategy is creating marketing content, by writing articles, blogs and creating business pages you increase your chances of getting noticed on search engines and by doing so you increase your reputation among your competitors.

Reviews are extremely important because that’s the first thing people see about your business, and in most cases they make decisions based on that instead of heading to your website and read about your business. At Kiwiative we make sure your review page look good by going after negative reviews with a positive approach and encourage people to add more positive reviews on your page.

How We Protect Your Brand at Kiwiative

  • Protecting your brand from appropriation or misuse by others
  • Addressing incorrect or false information about you or your business
  • Monitoring what other people write about you on major forums and review platforms
  • Finding and deleting your private information from people search databases
  • Ensure your online images and videos supports your professional image

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